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Our Story


Drea & Tristyn met in College where they received their degrees in Radio TV Film and Child & Adolescent Development. After Graduation, the girls traveled the world. Drea with RED Digital Cinema & Tristyn as an Au Pair. Over the years they would cross paths in unlikely places around the globe. In 2015 Drea, was producing content for RED Studios in Hollywood and was in need of a casting director for their latest production. That’s when they bumped into each other at their local dog park. As fate would have it, Tristyn was working as a freelance Casting Director.  Their working relationship developed into a great friendship. They already had many mutual friends in common so it was an easy transition. When a mutual friend became a mom, Drea decided to film the new family at home and edit the footage together as a special gift. Tristyn took one look at the final product and said, “I’m in, let's do this thing!”

It's been a crazy road to turn our passions into a career. But, with your support, we are making magic happen.

Meet Tristyn  

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.17_edited.p

I'm Tristyn, a storyteller and videographer inspired by life and travel. I love capturing life's adventures and finding the magic in even the simplest moments. 

Every family's story is unique, and I want to tell yours! 

With storytelling in mind, my approach to editing is both cinematic and nostalgic. Your excitement, joy, and moments shared together will be captured as only Treasured Cinemas can.  

Meet Drea

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 10.11_edited.p

Bio coming soon...

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